1978 Arnsberg (Germany)

Maarten Baas (Dutch) is often described as a so-called 
author-designer,whose designs are between art and design. 
Baas is seen as one of the most influential Dutch designers
of the beginning of the 21st century. His work is known as 
rebellious, humorous, intellectual,theatrical and artistic. 
He has taken an autonomousplace in the design world, 
where he works in various fields, such as limited editions, 
production,installations, public space, architecture, interior, 
decors and performances. 
His work has been included in leading museum collections, such
as MoMa, Victoria & Albert, Les Arts Decoratifs, San Francisco 
Museum of Modern Art,Die Neue Sammlung, Stedelijk Museum and 
Het Rijksmuseum. Andin private collections by Brad Pitt, 
John McEnroe, Kanye West, and Adam Lindemann. 
He also works for exclusive brands, such as Louis Vuitton, 
Swarovski, Dior, Dom Ruinart and Berluti.