1980 (AmericAN)

Kadar Brock makes large-scale abstract paintings via a rigorous process of layering, erasing, and reworking his surfaces; his highly textured canvases are variously discordant, exuberant, and topographical in nature. Brock’s process often involves painting, scraping, priming, sanding, and painting again. His finished compositions reward extended viewing: They become suggestive records of their own creation, evoking ideas of memory, ghosts, and artistic labor. Brock’s materials have included oil, acrylic, Flashe, spray paint, and house paint, and he reworks elements of graffiti and Abstract Expressionism in a distinctly contemporary way. He has also incorporated figurative components into his work, drawing on New Age religion and Eastern and Western characters found in comic books and films. Brock has exhibited in New York, London, Brussels, Tokyo, and Indianapolis.

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