Art deserves attention. That’s something we, at Creatie Art, are convinced of. That’s why you will find information about our collection, but also important aspects of the art world on this page. We think it’s important that art is brought to the attention and gets the appreciation that it should.

In the column ‘news’ you, logically, will find news about art. Here we share background information about featured art, exhibitions or other art related business.

Everything about our expositions you will find in de column exhibitions. We’ll take you into the preparation of the exposition and show you what there is to see. Regularly Creatie Art has its own exhibition where several themes will be highlighted. For example, an exposition called Kleurrijke Vrouwen or Oh, Oh, Den Haag. That’s how at Oh, Oh, Den Haag several different artists from The Hague were shown, and at Kleurrijke Vrouwen you could see the work of different female artists.

At every exposition we share something of our collection. And all collections are viewed in our own gallery.

Apart from that, we join the Pan in Amsterdam every year, where we share parts of our own collection and meet other art dealers and collectors.

Do you have any questions, remarks or interest? Let us know. We will gladly tell you more about our available works and artists. Contact us via the contact form.