We are Creatie Art, art dealer of contemporary modern art. For years our love has grown for modern, abstract art. Modern art has stolen our hearts, and that’s why we would love to show you our passion for this kind of art. On the website of Creatie Art, we, Aad and Yolande, give you a glimpse of all our works and artists and you can find all the background information you need.

Art of Creatie Art

In 1945-‘55 a new movement arose: Vrij Beelden. This revolutionary group of artists gave high priority to the abstract element in painting. A typical thing for this group: no longer being bound to nature. Within this group another branch was formed: Creatie. In this group, they focused entirely on abstraction.

In Creatie Art, the love for art of both groups is deep. So deep we are now operating as real art dealers. In 2006 our gallery was born, and right now we have pieces of varying artists from both: Vrij Beelden and Creatie.Our collection is diverse and varied. For example, our range changes regularly because of buying and selling. You can read all about it on this website.

Our own gallery is located in Goes, The Netherlands, where we have a wide range of works of art and artists. From our home base we travel to fairs and exhibitions to share the art with the general public. For example, we are on The Pan in Amsterdam every year.

We mainly focus on post-war art, in which contemporary modern art has an important role.

On the website of Creatie Art we would like to take you into our collection. As said before, our offer is varied and we operate as a real art dealer. For a good impression take a look at our available works and artists. You will also find news, exhibitions and important fairs on our information page.

Enjoy Creatie Art!