1916 Dour (Belgium)
2006 Montigny-le-Tilleul (Belgium)

Noël Victor was a painter, draftsman and graphic artist from the Dour region. He studied at the Academy of Mons from 1930 to 1939.
In his early years he painted traditional scenes in a classical style. In 1946 he experimented with the first abstract works. Around 1954, he painted his first geometric abstract works.
The artist held his first solo exhibition in 1956 at the Galerie Saint-Laurent in Brussels and was praised in the press for the color and fine construction in the works. From 1942 to 1976, Victor Noël was professor at the Academy of Tournai, where he taught decorative painting and commercial art. In 1977 he moved to Ham-sur-Heure.
Noël was a member of many art collectives including Formes, Géoforme, Art Construit, D4 and Art Concret in Henegouwen.



Victor Noël au Musée de Verviers