artist Josef Ongenae
1921: Antwerpen
1993: Amsterdam
Initially, Josef Ongenae worked as an apprentice on an advertising
The term for his artistry is set in World War II, as he on his hiding
place via books is introduced to the work of Braque, Picasso and
Kandinsky. Ongenae initially paints figurative and in the line of
Flemish expressionism. From 1946 he chooses the geometric abstraction
when he during a course in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in
1950 the work of Piet Mondrian’s neoplasticism discovered.
He takes this for his development. The sculptor André Volten
persuaded him to come to Amsterdam. Later they have together joined
the Liga Nieuw Beelden Group. (1955).
“Een Nieuwe Synthese”(1988, Fritz-Jobse en van Burkom) Geometric Art in the Netherlands 1945-1960.
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La Peinture en Flandre (1963, M. Seuphor, Brussels)
Josef Ongenae (Ronny van de Velde,Jonneke Jobs, 2017)

1954: Group 54, Museum Fodor, Amsterdam 1954 1955: Architektuur en Beeldende Kunst( Liga Nieuw Beelden) Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, ’55.
1963: Solo exposition Museum Fodor, Amsterdam
2017: Josef Ongenae, Galerie Ronny van de Velde, Knokke, 2017)