1940 Jankow

Tomas Rajlich( Czech) enjoyed an arts education in Prague, at the School of Decorative Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts. He trained as a sculptor and soon opted for working in the geometric vein. In 1966 he co-founded the Klub Konkretistů – the Czech equivalent of Nul or Zéro –, which acquired him national fame. A couple of years later the international art world discovered his work at the Musée Rodin in the group show Sculpture Tchécoslovaque.

In 1969 Rajlich decided to flee his homeland due to the Soviet Occupation and settled in the Netherlands. He was named professor at the Vrije Academie and found his vocation to become a painter. Represented by the galleries Art & Project, Amsterdam, and Yvon Lambert, Paris, before long his work was appreciated on an international scale and Rajlich was invited to participate in ground-breaking exhibitions like Elementaire Vormen (1975), Fracture du Monochrome aujourd’hui en Europe (1978), Bilder ohne Bilder (1978) and, most importantly, Fundamental Painting (1975) at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.